Some pictures from my towing career...

My fleet in 1984...

The wrecker is a 1971 Diamond Reo, which was ready for the junk yard. The bed is completely hand built and winches are based on a Holmes 650. The Reo had a 671 Detroit (souped up a bit) and a 13 speed transmission. The bed include a 40 ton winch and two speed gear box for faster recovery.

The tractor is a 1972 Kenworth. It is powered by a Cat 1693 325 HP diesel motor and has a 13 speed transmission. The trailer is a 1983 45 foot Landau with air ride.

Here's a picture of the Diamond Reo when it was first purchased.

The completed Reo when I was with Automotive Unlimited.

And after moving to AAA Towing with the new colors. I liked it best like this.

At 103,000 lbs, the Cat pulled this load at 80+ mph to make the time schedule...

That would be me accepting the trophy as the TRAA 1985 National Driving Champion.

While my current life is computers, I do put in a bit of time with my friends at T&R Towing.