This page has links to my favorite Mac sites. Some I visit daily and some when I'm looking for help.

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You got a Mac... now what?

From new to computer users to seasoned Macinosh users, I hope you will find something of interest.

I have been using Apple computers since 1984 when I started with an Apple IIc and got my first Macintosh (SE) in 1987.

I have been a member of Apple user groups since 1988 when I found a world of help available from other members.

This is a new area on my site and is being updated frequently. Check back frequently!


New to Macintosh and computers


Seasoned Mac User

Ok, you've been around the block a few years, yet you are egar to learn more!

Switching from a PC

I know, I know. Everything is backwards!.
No problem, the Macintosh is a computer, just like your old PC. It's just that Microsoft used mirrors to develop much of their sytem and they got things a bit mixed up.