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A better day: New Adoptions

I was at the vet’s paying my bill and asked if they knew of any cats looking for a home. The words were hardly out of my mouth when their phone rang. It was a someone looking to give a cat away to a good home. What are the odds…

I got the information, picked up my Mom, and took a trip to see the cat. He is a seal color Siamese, about 2 years old, who appeared at their door 4 months earlier. He was a bit of a wreck, so they took him to the vet for a tuneup and neutering. While they had hopes this cat would get along with their older cat (which has cancer), they never became friends. They felt it was in his best interest to find him a good home.

My Mom and her new companion (Scooter) are getting along pretty good so far. It is always difficult to try to replace an animal with hopes the new one will be like the old.

We found a nice 7 month old mostly black male kitten through a local organization. While our older cat, Libby, continues to hiss a bit, they are coexisting without any incidents. We have had the new kitten for a week and have decided to adopt it today.

Pictures will be coming…

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