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Web Design Step 1: The Tools…

No matter which web site development application you use (I prefer RapidWeaver over Adobe GoLive or DreamWeaver), it is a great benefit to have an arsenal of tools including a text editor (with support for html, css, js, php, etc. files – I prefer TextMate), a css editor (I use CSSEdit), and a debugger.

The debugger is perhaps the most important, yet the most often skipped… and the best one is free! I know this because there are too many help requests in the RapidWeaver Forum that could have been answered in the time it took the author to ask the question, IF they had the right debugging tool!

The browser FireFox (free) supports a host of Add-ons (most, if not all free). The hands down winner for debugging is the add-on FireBug (free).


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